Appointments: By phone: 07221 - 30 29 393
If you can not reach us by phone immediately, we are currently in an investigation or in a patient interview. Please leave us a message on the answering machine (also outside our opening hours), we will call you back as soon as possible.
The practice is conducted privately. Patients insured with statutory health insurance can be treated on a self-pay basis (billing according to GOÄ).
Office hours:
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 14:00 and by appointment, closed on Wednesday
Lange Str. 33, 76530 Baden-Baden, pedestrian zone at the height of the Hotel zum Hirschen
The car park Wagener is within walking distance of the practice.


Documents that you should bring with you in particular to your first appointment:
• Please prepare a medication plan with the currently used tablets, drops and applied sprays. In particular, if you have recently been re-prescribed an antibiotic or a lung spray by the family doctor because of your respiratory or cough problems, please bring this with you.
• Bring current medical reports or reports and any laboratory data, if available, especially if you have recently received clinical treatment.
• Even newer X-ray and CT scans on CD, foil or paper may save you a new X-ray.
 • Very helpful are often allergological preliminary reports such as findings of allergy tests or allergy passes and also your vaccination certificate.

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